Approved by Helium

Approved by Helium

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About PantherX2

1. Please choose:

1. Panther X2 Model EU868 for the designated European Regions and UAE, 

2. Panther X2 Model US915 for the United States of America, 

3. Panther X2 Model AU915 for Australia, New Zealand, Peru and Brazil,

(For a specific Model that is supported in your country, please check the LoRa Channel Plan Table below)

2. We support Coinbase for transfers, please use USDT, USDC to proceed the payment at your convenience.

3. Be sure to send only supported tokens and the listed amount to the designated addresses. We won’t be able to recover your tokens if you would make a wrong transaction;

4. Before using Coinbase, please be sure to do KYC verification before submitting your order. Don’t complete the KYC during the order placement process because it can lead to order placement failure;

5. When transferring funds via Coinbase, a fee is needed to initiate the transaction on the blockchain. Therefore, please be sure to transfer an amount that covers the transaction fee. Be aware that Panther does not collect a transaction fee.

6. The specific delivery time will be adjusted according to the time of customers' order placement and actual stock.

7. If the customer does not proceed with customs clearance then the return shipping fee will be charged from the customer.

LoRa Channel Plan Table

Hardware Specification